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Chinese dietary advice is an integral part of any complete treatment plan.

You’ve heard of the expression ‘you are what you eat’, well to a certain extent this is true. Eating too much or simply the wrong foods can be a major cause of many problems. Quite often, simply changing your eating habits can drastically improve your well-being and increase your own ability to heal.

Chinese Dietary Advice as Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine foods can be classified in the same way as herbs and used for medicinal purposes.

The earliest written record is Sun Simiao’s Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold, published in 652 A.D., in which he discusses the treatment of a variety of diseases through diet.


Eating a nutritionally balanced diet is all well and good, however having the essential nutrients in your diet can be uneffective if your digestive system isn’t strong enough to make the best of them then.

Therefore, strengthening you your digestive system is a great starting point to improving your health.

A healthy digestive system will then be able to get the most out of the food we eat and therefore be able to nourish the whole body and  function much better.

Together with the basic foundations a diet can then be individualised to suit your current situation.

If appropriate, dietary advice will be given as an integral part of treatment.

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