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​​Gary Robinson - June 2020

"I have been going to Clarendon clinic for over 17 years mainly due to back problems. The customer care and physio treatment I get to aid my recovery is second to none. This helps me continue in my work and every day life. Much Appreciated"

Anna Shanley - June 2020

"A friend recommended Clarendon Clinic to me over 10 years ago when I hurt my back and it’s the best recommendation I have ever had.

Since then I have also recommended it to family and friends many times.

From the minute you walk into reception you are given a friendly welcome and every member of staff is professional and caring. Treatments don’t feel overly clinical, as all staff chat to you and are keen to get to know you as a person – there is a lot of laughter in clinic! Once the problem is identified, therapists talk you through what they will do to help and how they will do it.  Nothing is too much trouble and in emergencies the team are flexible and try and see you as soon as possible."

Andi Howarth - June 2020

"I've been using this clinic for many years, it has made a massive difference to my life and mobility. After years of pain and seeing different practitioners I have finally found a relief from my pain and found a way to stay active and mobile.

The staff are always very welcoming, friendly and reassuring. You always feel you are in safe hands with them. Many Thanks" 

Claire Dolan - June 2020

"I cannot recommend Clarendon Clinic highly enough. I am constantly recommending them to family, friends and anyone who will listen to me!

All staff at the clinic are professional, caring, accomplished, educational and cannot do enough to work on improving your health condition and physical well-being. A way forward is mapped out for you with professionalism and expertise.  I have had years of relief from various conditions which has massively improved my quality of life and ability to participate in events. The relief from pain also positively impacts on mental health which is an added bonus. If you are reading this review and are in two minds as to whether to move forward please just pick up the phone or email this practice. It is a no-brainer honestly! I would not have the quality of life and physical endurance I have today without Clarendon Clinic and all the staff." 

Deborah Morgan - June 2020

"I had problems with my lower back for over 15 years, and had tried all sorts of different treatments but the pain persisted. A friend recommended that I try Clarendon Clinic, and I can honestly say that this is the only place that has ever made a difference. Safe hands, thorough treatment, and detailed advice. They have looked after me for many years now, and helped me through the back pain of two pregnancies as well. My partner and I won’t go anywhere else."



Ellis Barnett - June 2020

After Months of being spaced out on painkillers and struggling to walk because of  being told by the hospital I had a trapped nerve in my back, I went to see Stuart and Steve at Clarendon Clinic who diagnosed a locked vertebrae and sorted it out in 4 sessions. 2 years later I trapped a nerve in my neck and was told I needed an operation to free it. I saw Steve who released it straight away. I cannot recommend them highly enough and still go to them for routine maintenance.



Gordon Birchall - June 2020

Having suffered with a muscular back problem due to a physically demanding job since the age of 18 I found that good regular physio seemed to help control the problem.

After several years of different physio’s and treatments the Clarendon Clinic was recommended to me by a friend.
I soon had regular treatments with Steve and Stuart which really made a difference to my condition and kept me mobile and pain free.

Then in September 2016 I injured my back whilst working. I couldn’t stand and the pain was unbearable. On phoning the clinic they told me to come straight away.

Just to be sure there was no damage to my discs the clinic put me in touch with a medical company to get a scan done as soon as possible to ensure they could provide the correct treatment plan. 
Scan showed muscular problem and Steve and Stuart began my treatment. I knew it was going to be a long road to recovery but Steve and Stuart not only treated my back problem but provided emotional support which kept me positive.
Once I became a little stronger with the additional help of Natalie I began to learn to walk again first on crutches before finally walking again unaided.

It was a long road to recovery and I know it could happen again but by regular treatment at the clinic and continuing with the exercises Natalie gave me I feel this is a great help to me.
It’s thanks to the Clarendon Clinic I am mobile again and will always continue to thank them for all their help and support.


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