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Podiatry in Manchester at the Clarendon Clinic is provided by Karen King. Podiatry is a modern word for chiropody and is performed by podiatrists. A podiatrist assess, diagnose and treat many conditions relating to the foot and the lower limb.

Many conditions treated by podiatrists are on the surface of the foot, such as corns, callus, and in-growing toenails. Certain conditions treated are not visible on the surface of the foot, but involve the internal structures inside the foot, for example plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia.

Alongside routine care of the feet which involves removal of corns and callus, we provide specialist care and advice for people with diabetes and arthritis. Minor surgery can also be performed to remove problematic toenails.

Podiatrists are foot and ankle specialists and are trained in looking at the biomechanical function of the lower limb; diagnosing and correcting many sports injuries that are caused by the way you walk and run. At the end of the assessment the Podiatrist will discuss the findings of the assessment related to your injury. A treatment plan will be formed in conjunction with the patient and relevant advice given regarding treatment and prevention of injury.

Treatment often comprises the use of orthotic insoles. Podiatric orthotics are designed to aid gait movement and efficiency by controlling movement via the lower limb. We have a wide variety to suit all budgets and shoe styles, ranging from £40 for a basic insole up to £300 for a specific casted orthotic tailored to exact measurements. Dependent upon the diagnosis, various other options will be available between these price brackets.


Orthotics (or orthoses) are shoe inserts that control or correct structural problems within the foot. They may be used to treat many conditions such as heel pain, knee pain and sports-related problems. There are a number of different types of orthoses, with varying degrees of control. Orthoses are suitable for all age ranges, from children to the elderly. With some conditions, orthoses are required to cushion areas of the foot rather than correct structural problems. Orthoses can be made specifically for a person’s foot (casted orthoses) or off the shelf (non-casted). A podiatrist can advise on the most suitable type of orthoses for your problem after performing a full biomechanical assessment.

Types of Orthoses

There are two main types of orthoses, these are:

  • casted orthoses

  • non – casted orthoses



These are made specifically to fit your feet and meet your individual requirements. An impression of your foot is taken by your podiatrist. This impression is then sent to a specialist company where they manufacture the orthotic in their laboratory, based on the impression of your foot. The podiatrist provides the manufacturer with numerous fine details as to the requirements of the orthotic, for example, materials, raises, support etc.

There are various types of materials that can be used to make orthotics, including plastics and carbon fibre. The material used is determined by your need, for example, some people need a very firm insole if they are wearing it for high impact sports, whereas an elderly person with arthritis may require something softer. Your podiatrist will decide on what you require after a full assessment of your condition and needs.


These are made on a large scale and are not made for an individual; they are ‘ready made’. These may be suitable for certain people and are often a good starting point if you have not worn orthotics before. They are also cheaper than having ones casted. However, for an athlete functioning at a high level or person with certain medical conditions, orthotics tailored to your own feet may be more beneficial.

More information

Karen provides podiatry in Manchester from the Clarendon Clinic and is our foot and ankle specialist practising in all aspects of podiatric medicine from routine chiropody treatments to full biomechanical assessments. Karen always aims to provide the highest level of care, using only high quality equipment and products. You will find her both professional and approachable with an enthusiasm for her work.

She graduated from Salford University achieving a first class honours degree and is also registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC). The HPC is a regulatory body which ensures that high standards of care and competence are maintained by all healthcare professionals.  Having worked both in the NHS and the private sector Karen believes everybody’s feet need looking after as we rely on them on a daily basis and most people tend to neglect them. Karen is able to refer on to her professional colleagues as and when necessary if a multidisciplinary approach is required.

Karen is currently working with professional footballers, marathon runners and swimmers. She is used to treating a wide range of sporting injuries and ongoing foot pain in both athletes and non sporty people.

So why wait for a problem to arise in your feet, make an appointment today for a routine treatment and check up and start the journey to healthier feet!


Karen King BSc 


Tel: 07796922829


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